Christianity is just one of many synonymous world religions, right? WRONG! We discuss why Christianity is unique among world religions. Also covered; The Nashville Statement, an atheist converts to Christianity and a great read on the science vs religion saga.

The Nashville Statement –
Prophecies of Jesus –
Galileo Goes to Jail –

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3 comments on “The Witness Box

  1. It’s an interesting illustration you gave on Sunday. We are all in that position sometimes of wondering g around and forgetting why we’re here. What stood out to me in what you said is that part of the reason we forget is that we have our own agenda in the forefront of our minds as priority. So, our focus is getting the milk and that’s what’s important to us and inadvertently all else pales into insignificance. Thank God that in his grace he leads us at some point out of that and into his will and purpose.

    • admin Sep 4, 2017

      Great point, Joy! That’s a perspective that I don’t think I fully appreciated, that the ‘milk’ in that illustration signified our own agenda. I do believe that God does prepare good works for us to walk in (Ephesians) but that these works are always secondary to our primary commission to ‘bear witness’ of Christ.

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