Jordan Peterson has us eating out of his hand. I pull out 6 characteristics Peterson has that have drawn us like moths to a flame. Are we learning something of our ultimate design and purpose because of this? Also, we continue with our study of John; The Resurrection, the foundation of Christian faith. How can we know it’s truth?

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2 comments on “Why Jordan Peterson is reaching the soul of the western man

  1. Russ Fochler Jan 27, 2018

    Well done Graham!

  2. Mohan Feb 12, 2018

    Hey there Gray,
    I hope all is well and I am so glad that the little angel is doing fine! It must have been a most worrying couple of hours.
    I am currently about 75% of the way through Jordan Peterson’s book “12 rules for life” – specifically the audiobook so I can listen to and from work. I would be a spectacular liar if I said I understood more than about 40% of it but even then, it has truly been an enlightening read/listen.
    I think his critics feel that he is too hectoring in this approach but personally, I don’t agree. It is simply that he does not sugar coat things – he tells the truth; something which he encourages us to do – “Tell the truth, or at least, don’t lie”.
    It is hard to argue with his “clean your room” maxim – or as he puts it in his book, “Get your own house in perfect order before you criticise the world”.
    His thoughts on happiness too have resonated deeply – happiness is an outcome and not an objective. If we are happy as a result of some action or some circumstance, then we should accept it with grace for as long as it lasts.
    But we must not take on a sense of entitlement – a feeling of “well, I have done x y and z and therefore I am entitled to this or that”.
    I wonder Graham what your thoughts are on The Book of Job – I haven’t read it but I know the main points and I find it fascinating. For me, God in the Book of Job is a metaphor for life – it may bless us with good things, but also with hardship. Hard though it may be to come to terms with, we must try simply to make the best of whatever happens without asking “Why me”. Instead, we may be better of asking, “why not me”. However unjust Job’s treatment was at the hands of God (and I certainly do not feel this was fair) , the fact also remains that Job did not ask “why me” when things were going well.

    I have been too daunted to delve into his Bible lectures on Youtube, not because of a lack of interest (quite the opposite), but because I have little faith in my abilities to get my head round them 🙂
    I have always been fascinated by the symbolism of the Bible – indeed, I have generally argued that to be its importance – even as a non-believer/skeptic/delete as appropriate, I completely see why one would use the Bible as a source of spiritual wisdom (although that would require some selective cherry picking in my opinion).
    Peterson’s dissection of Cain and Abel and his application to everyday life in his book is just mind-blowing. well worth checking out.
    Be well, and may your God go with you,

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