Why wishy-washy living won’t wash with Jesus. Also, what kind of challenges are your kids facing to their faith and are they equipped to handle them? And we check out the testimony of former atheist writer Frank Morison.

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2 comments on “Following Jesus: No Drifters Allowed!

  1. Mohan Dec 5, 2017

    Hey Graham
    I’m actually kind of with you on the modern day notion of tolerance (or lack thereof)
    I am not sure what I think about transgenderism. I think broadly that it should be taken account of as much as possible. However I do agree that raising objections to something does not automatically make one bigoted. I think certain elements of the left are regressive rather than progressive and do not attempt to even listen to other people’s views. Personally, I have no issues with homosexuality, gay marriage, or if someone wants to identify as a different gender. That is because ultimately, it’s their business. However I see no benefits in simply stifling any comments from those who think differently by bandying words such as ‘bigot’ around. There are gay people themselves who are opposed to gay marriage on the basis of the definition of marriage- I could not disagree more with them but they could hardly be classed as homophobic. People are entitled to their opinions so long as they do not infringe the dignity of people in the process.

  2. Mohan Dec 5, 2017

    Oh… as a postscript.
    I too whole heartedly support the notion that God has no place within a science or a history class. Even Galileo agreed with this when he said “The Bible teaches us how to go to heaven, not how the heavens go”.
    And to my (limited) knowledge – did Jesus Himself not advocate a separation of church and state when he said “Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s and render unto God that which is God’s”
    I have absolutely no issue at all with hymns being sung in school, or Christianity getting the lion’s share of the time in Religious studies classes. We are ultimately living in a Christian country and I love many cultural aspects of this.
    But God needs to be out of the science and history class. And he needs to stay out.

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