Hi, welcome to WordView!

This is my personal podcast and blog.  As a Christian, a pastor and a student of theology and apologetics I’ve launched WordView with the aim of doing the following with an online community, I want to:

  1. Explore Scripture – Invite God to reveal truth to us through His eternal word
  2. Examine Worldview – Discuss how the truths revealed in scripture impact our view of reality
  3. Engage Culture – Be bold in addressing the ‘hot potato’ issues in culture today

WordView podcast and blog are here to help you engage with the nature of reality.  Everyone has a worldview; a set of beliefs that we use to interpret the world around us.  Nobody views reality objectively, our worldview is like a lens through which reality is filtered.  A cracked lens will give you an inaccurate picture of what you are actually observing.  An incoherent worldview will lead to confusion, pain and suffering.  Why? Because reality is real. If you throw yourself off the top of a building you are going to get hurt, whether you believe you can fly or not.

The Christian worldview offers some compelling and satisfying answers to life’s biggest questions.  Through expository study of the bible in the weekly podcast we will explore the Christian response to questions of existence, purpose, design, meaning, suffering and evil and much more.  I also aim to engage with culture, tackling some of the more challenging issues facing us today from a Christian perspective.

I hope you enjoy your visit to WordView, please join the mailing list if you want to continue the journey with me.

Graham Phillips