We dissect another atheist meme, this week’s from the venerable Stephen Fry. Also, we continue our study of John’s gospel on what it is to be born again.

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2 comments on “Stephen Fry vs The Moral Argument

  1. Mohan Mar 7, 2018

    Hi Gray,
    Melchett. 🙂
    Lord Melchett in Season 2 and General Sir Anthony Cecil Hogmanay Melchett in Blackadder Goes Forth

  2. Mohan Mar 7, 2018

    Dear oh dear Gray!
    By all means dissect these atheist memes – it’s interesting stuff.
    But I have to be honest, your tone in this podcast is remarkably combative and does little to advance your central argument.
    First of all…
    Stephen’s quote speaks of religion in general, yet in your rebuttal, you refer only to Christianity as if he were targeting that religion only.
    you state that “Nobody said that Christianity invented beauty”
    Neither did he.
    Perhaps you have adopted a persecution complex in solidarity with Jesus but it is not necessary.
    You speak often about the need for prayer as strength so that anti-religious sentiments can be combatted.
    In a democracy, there will be a marketplace of ideas and an exchange of those ideas in no way amounts to an attack.
    Stephen Fry has quite often stated clearly that he kind of envies those who have faith and that he appreciates that they get a lot out of it. I think in the statement you picked up on, he is talking about religion generally.
    You also said that he failed to come up with a persuasive argument. In fairness, it was statement which you have taken in isolation and in addition, I accept that it was not persuasive or convincing to you. It is a major presumption however to assume that it would not be persuasive to others.

    Regards this:
    “If you are not a person of prayer, you are not soliciting the grace of God for your life each day”
    You are a lovely guy Gray but you are in serious danger of coming across as very supercilious with these kinds of statements.
    You get your strength and peace etc from God and Jesus. More power to you.
    Others choose to get their sense of strength and peace from other sources. They get to decide how effective those sources are.
    Not being a person of prayer does not make it harder to think one’s way through things. That is a major assumption which you have no right to make. Prayer makes it easier for you specifically to navigate things. So say that. As Jordan Peterson said- “Be precise in your speech”.
    You sound beleaguered – how difficult it must be to combat all those non-believers out there. It is just an exchange of ideas, not a tour of duty in Nam.

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